Jury Members - 2024


Mr. Kedar Bhat ( Judge for Nature / Landscapes Category )

Physics graduate academically, photography is my hobby turned profession. Starting with Astrophotography, my interest in photography keeps shuffling from editorial, nature-wildlife, macro, Interior/Architectural, landscape & travel photography. I have been a freelance Photojournalist for almost 15 years taking assignments from National & regional newspapers & magazines like TOI, The-Week, Outlook etc.

He has been conducting Photography Workshops, Post-Processing workshops and lead Photography Tours in collaboration with various organizations, tourism companies and institutes. I look after the Photography training and instructions while the host organizations are responsible for bookings and other logistical support.

He is a visiting faculty at few institutes & conduct talks & workshops to corporate clients besides my personal Photography & Photo editing workshops. I have been freelancing throughout my career except in 2006-07 when I joined Outlook group of publications for a very short time.

He has also been a judge at prestigious contests like Better Photography Magazine's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

Major contributions in the past: Mint - Business paper, Forbes India, PTI, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The-week, Outlook, Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Sakal, Saamna, Prahar etc.

Website : https://alphacommunity.in/member/alpha-36003/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/kedarvbhat/


Mr. Suyash Keshari ( Judge for Wildlife )

Suyash Keshari is a 26-year old award winning wildlife photographer, filmmaker and presenter who has travelled the world telling stories through visuals that he hopes would evoke passion in hearts and minds, urging them to play their part in conserving our beautiful natural heritage. His first web-series Safari with Suyash was launched by WWF International and received global recognition.

Website : https://alphacommunity.in/member/alpha-109733/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/suyashkeshari/


Mr. Himanshuu Sheth ( Judge for Others Category )

Himanshu earned his Diploma in Scientific Photography from TAFE and decided to go backpacking around the globe. Since he was in Perth and had already explored much of the west coast, he started his journey by traveling to the east coast, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide. After Australia, he then went to Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, and briefly visited India before heading to the UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, and finally ending up in Africa. Throughout these countries, he embarked on extensive road travel, often hitchhiking and finding like-minded travelers to share vehicles and reach common destinations. These travels provided him with opportunities to observe and experience diverse cultures, people, and their distinctive characteristics. He witnessed how they had adapted or reacted to their natural surroundings over generations, shaping their current states.

Website : https://www.1himanshuu.com/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/himanshuu.sheth.photosafaaris/


Mr.Srivatsan Sankaran ( Judge for Arts & Culture Category )

Srivatsan Sankaran is a Chennai-based travel photographer and the founder of Madras Photo Bloggers. I’m also an influencer for the Sony brand, Alpha Cameras. I love travel photography and enjoy teaching photography to kids with and without hearing loss.

Website : https://alphacommunity.in/member/alpha-110298/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/srivatsansankaran/


Mrs. Roshani Shah ( Judge for Daily Life Category )

Roshani Shah is a Daily Life Street and Travel photographer from Mumbai who believes in breaking stereotypes and living a tenacious life. After completing her MBA in finance and working in the corporate world, she realized that her true passion was photography. She decided to take a risk and pursue her dream of capturing moments and spreading smiles through her lens. She believes that there are many things and moments happening around everyone on the streets, and what one sees and captures reflects their vision and style.

Website : https://alphacommunity.in/member/alpha-114104/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/roshagulla/


Mr. Maulik Patel ( Judge for Portraits Category )

Maulik Patel, knows how to articulate memories and has an infectiously upbeat attitude. Looking at his portfolio, we tend to see the quality of work in terms of lighting, composition,creativity, and complexity of the images.But Maulik has an zeel personality and pays extensive attention to details,colors, texture,shape, form, geometry, patterns, design, and a plethora of other photographic criteria along with his creativity.More than any other photographic genre, contemporary fashion photography weddings and product photography which is his extensive potential blurs the line between art and commerce.

Website : https://alphacommunity.in/member/studiobeunique/

Instagram Handle : https://www.instagram.com/maulikpatel.me/