About Corporate Photography Contest

The All India Corporate Photography Contest started in 2014 , as promoting photography as an art form at workplace by engaging employees to share their best photographs and an opportunity to showcase their talent by exhibiting at one of the famous art galleries in India.

Over the years CPC is one of the biggest inter corporates event which involves some of the biggest Mulinational companies in India for various sectors like IT , Banking , Pharma , Manufacturing , BFSI and others.

The Corporate Photography Contest runs in for 2 months with a mix of online and offline activities wherein the total reach is more than 10 lakh employees across India. 

How does it go ?

Once a company has been registered all employees can be a part of the contest. The submission of photos are done online and as listed in the various 5 categories.

An employee can submit his best 5photos in any of the categeories. The online submission will be open for a period of 45 days in which an employee can share his photos to gain the highesh votes. We have a great judging pannel who selected the top winning photos whcih are then exhibited and awarded.

The top 1000 photos are then displayed in the Corporate Photography Exhibition.

TCS Bags the highest participation award for Corporate Photography Contest 2019

Our Judges